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Extenprise’s Commodity Purchasing System (ECPS) is a powerful supply chain solution in areas of real-time operations, forecasting, management and planning.

Based on over 10 years of experience with our manufacturing and distribution clients ECPS has been designed and developed to solve complex supply chain challenges such as; Optimized Categorization of stocks, Aggregation strategies, Integrated continual analytics and many more, based on client and web data analytics. All leading to a powerful purchasing and inventory forecasting application.

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RadDriver is a web based client application,currently in beta, that supports remote data management login_Imageof different imaging modalities. It’s remote capabilities promote better time management and convenient work-flow. It allows you to manage patient schedules, view and study clinical images, get patient history, and view and generate patient reports.

RadDriver Advantage:

  1. Schedule new patients and view existing schedules from the convenience of your place using PC/laptop, or tablet/smart phone.
  2. Clinical images for any patient can be fetched on your demand for analysis and reports.
  3. Patient history and past reports are never far away, so that no vital information is missed during your analysis.
  4. Generated reports instantly makes it to the imaging modality lab.
  5. Multiple imaging modalities data can be managed.