Case Studies


Magnetic Resonance Imaging System

We worked with a Fortune 50 company that is a pioneer in MRI solutions to develop solutions for optimized patient experience with innovative forward-thinking technology. This industry leading company has continuous ongoing research work in the field of MRI techniques that requires integration with the MRI system product in order to test, verify and validate the research theory and consequent algorithms with the actual outcome.
We at Extenprise share a decade long collaborative relationship with science and engineering teams tasked with developing and implementing cutting edge MRI products. The Extenprise team helped the client in quickly translating many of their research based algorithms into a working software application prototype that integrates well into the MRI system, testing and validating their lab based findings in the field. Apart from assisting them realize their research work; we have also assisted in MRI system work-flow enhancement, wherein the radiologist’s interaction with the MRI system was optimized by having a functionality based exam model with the help of image registration software developed by their research team which significantly reduced the manual input steps.
As an example of how we work as an extended team, Enterprise’s prior expertise and credibility with the client resulted in one of our milestone achievements to deliver the enhanced work-flow demonstration to the client company’s CEO in a record span of four weeks. The demonstration was to be delivered on a newly upgraded MRI system platform. The upgrade of platform is not an uncommon thing but it was a major shift and a significantly new platform compared to the existing platforms. The efforts involved, understanding of the new platform designs, its key differences from the existing platform, design changes required in the work-flow enhancement, implementing the design, test, verify and finally demonstrate.
The successful demonstration was applauded and welcomed with considerable appreciation by the science and engineering team. IThis was an example of of sheer dedication and focus that we as a team in Extenprise take pride in.

Commodity Purchase Management System

We at Extenprise have been part of many outstanding works with our clients. The goodwill with the existing clients presented us with an opportunity to work with a Fortune 500 company that is a leading manufacturer of heavy transport vehicles, buses and the engines. This industry leading company faced problems in controlling the price in its multilevel complex supply chains. As an example, the component parts for the vehicle are supplied by some stamper company. The component manufacturer may in turn depend on multiple other commodity suppliers, which may further depend on other raw material suppliers. Add other variables of price, time, place etc. and this becomes inherently a complex system, which would be really difficult to maintain and keep a tab on the costs and the possible uncertainties in timely deliveries etc, without the aid of a specialized software application.

Extenprise, with it’s vast experience, stepped in and proposed a Commodity Management System, which could be tailor-made as per the client’s requirements. After a thorough requirement gathering and acceptance of the solution design by the client, Extenprise successfully developed a Commodity Management System in 2007. The system, developed as a web application using J2EE technology and an industry standard DBMS, presented a simple easy to use interface, which meant less steep learning curve and quick to get into action. Extenprise has since been entrusted with maintaining the application and have delivered various enhancements to the original product over the time and continues to do so. Besides maintaining the application, Extenprise is also managing the hosting of the application server from 2008.

This continued relationship of over 12 years speaks for the professionalism that we exhibit with our clients and an work ethic that believes in proactive support.